QuarkNet Japan

Network of cosmic ray observation for junior and senior high school students

Activity of Quarknet Japan

Quarknet Japan is a collaboration with junior and senior high school, university and research center in Japan for cosmic ray observation and radiation measurement.  Waseda University Honjyo Senior High School,  Sendai Daiichi High School and Shizuoka Kita High School proceed research activities with cosmic ray detectors. Our group is supported by Nakatani Foundation.


Cosmic ray

High energy radiation originates in space and comes flying to the earth. When a primary cosmic ray collides with an air molecule, many particles are generated by the energy of this collision as a secondary cosmic ray. In fact, one secondary cosmic ray passes through the size of the palm per a second. We can draw out pieces of information about space, atmospheric air and objects from a measurement of cosmic rays pass through them.


We can proceed a unique research with a measurement of cosmic rays such as Volcano muography and Search of an extreme-energy cosmic ray which exceed the theoretical upper limit.

How to join

Why don’t you join our project? We welcome junior and senior high schools and students who are interested in cosmic ray observation. We also plan workshops to try analyses of high energy physics such as ATLAS. Please contact from here!